We have been privileged to witness the transformation in the lives of our beneficiaries. Many of them not just humbled us, but also taught us about girls, strength, resilience and gratitude, as they took the journey from marginalized to mainstream. Our program alumni fill us with great pride and hope.

Women are able to leave prostitution by setting up small businesses or via job placements with the help of Umeed. Some women are able to leave, thanks to their daughters who are enrolled in the Udaan program.

100% Success Rate

How we do this
Girls bid adieu to our Apne Aap Women’s Collective day and night shelter, stepping out of the Udaan program and into successful careers in India as well as abroad. Many continue to receive education in formal schools and universities.

100% Success Rate

*In breaking the cycle of intergenerational prostitution.

*In academic progress of Udaan beneficiaries.

*In treating malnourishment among the younger beneficiaries.