AAWC partners with Kidville India for second event in 15th anniversary celebration series

3 Sep 2013

Apne Aap Women’s Collective (AAWC) continued its 15th anniversary celebration series with an event for Umang toddlers at Kidville India’s flagship store in Worli today. Umang members enjoyed an afternoon in Kidville’s upscale gymnasium, followed by unique art classes, a puppet show, a music-and-movement class, and a foray into culinary chemistry. The children all received gift bags and balloons as souvenirs of the celebration.

The happy occasion was organized by Ashika Mehta, President of AAWC; Rosenyn Kapur, CEO of Kidville India; and Mallika Timblo, Director of Kidville India.

  • AAWC President Ashika Mehta enjoys a spontaneous moment with the Umang children.
  • From left: Mallika Timblo, Director of Kidville India; Ashika Mehta, President of AAWC; and Rosenyn Kapur, CEO of Kidville India.

Kapur said, "We at Kidville aim to make the lives of children and their families, more enriching, better and easier, by providing a fun, clean, safe and secure environment for children to learn, play and grow. Our slogan has always been, ‘Happy Kids. Happy Families,’ and although Kidville is an international brand, we also embody traditional Indian values at heart. We believe that all these factors combine and carry our core essence forward by spreading happiness to children who are not so fortunate to live their childhood in a healthy, safe environment and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Through this special association on the 15th anniversary of AAWC, we are extremely pleased to extend a day of joy and happiness to these less fortunate children, both within and outside Mumbai’s red light area."

  • AAWC balwadi teacher Hemangi Bhagwat plays with the Umang children in the Kidville gymnasium.
  • The toddlers learn about chemistry in the kitchen.
  • Umang children watch a special puppet show.

About Apne Aap Women’s Collective
Founded in 1998, Apne Aap Women’s Collective (AAWC) serves the women, girls, and toddlers of the Greater Kamathipura Area, one of the largest and oldest red light areas in Asia. By providing its members with the tools and resources to create a better life, AAWC seeks to empower women who have been trafficked into brothel-based prostitution and to prevent intergenerational trafficking of girls and young children who grow up in the brothels. Since its inception, AAWC has served more than 1,500 women, 650 girls and 400 toddlers. Learn more at www.aawc.in.

Contact: media@aawc.in

About Kidville India
Kidville India is part of the U.S.-based Kidville brand, the premier provider of engaging, educational enrichment programs for young children and their families. Designed to instill confidence and excitement during early childhood development, Kidville India combines large, upscale facilities and the best global practices in education with a distinctly Indian approach to academic achievement. The Kidville India store also features a boutique of premium children’s toys, fashion and accessories, a signature salon, and an indoor play-space. Learn more at www.kidville.in.

Contact: nikhat@kwakids.com