Theory of Change

By providing services not only for women in prostitution but also for their daughters and small children, Apne Aap Women’s Collective (AAWC) seeks to empower this second generation to escape the cycle of prostitution, secure well-paid skills-based jobs, and eventually bring their mothers out of prostitution as well.

Our outreach workers act as the primary point of contact between the organisation and its existing and potential members, making daily visits into the brothels and homes to conduct check-ins and maintain necessary amicable ties with the surrounding community. Since building rapport with women who have been consistently exploited is crucial to enrolling new members into Umeed and their children into Udaan and Umang, AAWC’s trained outreach team follows a strict protocol of respect and empathy to bring members from the brothels to the AAWC centre. We provide a wide array of financial services, health examinations, educational and empowerment programming, recreational activities, and, when necessary, shelter home services. Through these channels, Udaan girls and Umang children empower themselves to achieve academic success and, eventually, professional success, thereby reintegrating themselves into mainstream society. Meanwhile, Umeed women improve their financial security and physical and emotional health, gradually reintegrating into society by exiting the prostitution or through the success of their children.